The Importance of Physical Examinations

The Importance of Physical Examinations

Children's bodies are constantly, and rapidly, changing, so regular checkups are very important to get ahead of any potential issues. Even if your child is healthy, preventative care in the form of physical examinations by our San Antonio, TX, family physician, plays a key role in making sure they remain healthy. You can learn more about the importance of physical examinations by reaching out to Dr. Dan Hoyumpa of the Texan Family Clinic.


Many schools require a physical examination as part of registration, and a sports physical may be needed for your child to participate in team sports or PE class. Although these do not replace a dedicated checkup by their pediatrician, they help highlight the importance of regular physical examinations.

These can help keep track of your child's development year over year, making sure that they are reaching their milestones.

Chronic Conditions

But if there are issues, it's better to detect them early on to avoid complications that can affect your child's quality of life. Early treatment can help to manage any chronic problems in the same way. A common example of this is asthma, which can be managed with medication and allow your child to take part in physical activities.

Preventive Care

Your child's doctor can also offer advice about good health habits and provide tips on avoiding unhealthy ones. This can include topics such as nutrition, exercise, and substance abuse.

As part of preventive care, our doctor will also make sure they are on track with their immunization schedule.

Physical Examinations in San Antonio, TX

The exact process for a physical examination can vary, but typically our family physician will begin by examining their vitals, then ask questions regarding their health history. There may be quick screenings for vision and hearing, and depending on the results your child may be referred to a specialist. During the physical examination, the doctor will usually check the heart, lungs, stomach, and musculoskeletal system.

You can dial (210) 562-3125 to schedule a physical examination for your child with Dr. Hoyumpa of the Texan Family Clinic in San Antonio, TX.

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