High Blood Pressure FAQs

High Blood Pressure FAQs

You’ve probably heard of high blood pressure but may still have a lot of questions about what it is and what can cause high blood pressure. It’s important that you’re able to understand what high blood pressure is so that you can manage your blood pressure and live a high quality of life. Dr. Dan Hoyumpa at Texan Family Clinic in San Antonio, TX, can answer some commonly asked questions about high blood pressure and how you can treat and prevent it.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Blood Pressure

Q. What is high blood pressure?

A. High blood pressure is a condition in which the arteries are pushing blood throughout the body with a strong force and puts too much pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. This can cause issues that are life-threatening if it isn’t properly treated.

Q. What causes high blood pressure?

A. The exact cause of high blood pressure isn’t known, but there are factors that may put you at a higher risk for high blood pressure. This includes stress, vitamin deficiencies, medications, genetics, and aging. This can also include lifestyle factors like consuming alcohol, eating a lot salt, smoking, and being overweight.

Q. How is high blood pressure treated?

A. The most common way that your doctor in San Antonio, TX, will recommend treating high blood pressure is through lifestyle changes. This could be making diet changes, exercising on a regular basis, and stopping smoking. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to help manage your blood pressure and keep it down.

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