FAQs About Family Medicine

FAQs About Family Medicine

When you are looking for a family physician in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Dan Hoyumpa of Texan Family Clinic offers the services you expect from a family medicine physician. 

What is family medicine?

A family physician is an internist and a pediatrician all in one person and practice. This is care from cradle to old age. They care for you as a whole person through all the stages of your life. Your care covers all aspects of health: emotional, physical, and mental. 

Why choose a family physician?

  • Convenience
  • All medical records in one place
  • Acute and chronic care provided
  • Treating patients of all ages and conditions
  • Developing a trusting relationship
  • Serve as primary care physician


The convenience of having only one doctor for the entire family is huge. Today's families are stretched pretty thin with activities, work, and school. Being able to have more than one family medical appointment on one day at one location makes things much easier. 

All medical records at one location

Keeping track of every member of the family's medical records can be a nightmare. When you have a family physician in San Antonio, TX, it means that when you want to get a copy of your child's vaccination record for school or a sport, it is obvious where they are located. 

Acute and chronic care provided

Your family physician can treat a variety of illnesses. Whether it is your child who has a bug or you're dealing with high blood pressure, your family physician can treat you. It makes it easy to get your prescriptions refilled and get an appointment when you need to. Yearly physicals are part of routine care and if you need to be referred to a specialist, your family physician does it. 

Treating patients of all ages and conditions

Family physicians are trained to treat infants, children, teens, and adults. Everything from your routine care to emergencies. You can call ahead for an appointment and many will accept a walk-in in an emergency. 

Developing a trusting relationship

When you have been with a family physician for many years, through all sorts of illnesses, they get to know you, your medical history, and in many cases your family history. It leads to a trusting relationship and if you trust your doctor, you are more likely to listen to advice. 

Serve as primary care physician

With many types of managed care these days, you must have a primary care physician who manages your care. What better person to do that than your family physician? 

When you need a family physician in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Hoyumpa at Texan Family Clinic is accepting new patients at 210-562-3125.

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