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Dealing With a Chronic Condition Like Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that needs to be treated with extreme care so that nothing worsens and you can continue living your best life. With diabetes, your body isn’t producing or using the insulin that it needs to properly function. When it’s left untreated and unchecked, you can get extremely hungry, tired, urinate frequently, have blurred vision, and constantly deal with infections. Dr. Dan Hoyumpa at Texan Family Clinic in San Antonio, TX, can help you manage your diabetes and live a high-quality life.

Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes may require you to make some a few lifestyle changes so that you can have a totally normal life and not worry as much about issues that diabetes may cause. Your doctor in San Antonio, TX, may recommend a diet change to manage your diabetes. You should be eating a healthy diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It’s important to limit simple carbohydrates and sweets so that you don’t cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash.

You should also be monitoring your blood sugar throughout the day to make sure it’s at an appropriate level. Once you’re used to monitoring your blood sugar, you should be able to fully understand how certain foods may affect your blood sugar and how they may make you feel.

It’s also important that you are exercising on a regular basis and taking any medication that your doctor prescribes you. Lifestyle changes alone aren’t always enough, so medication may be needed to fully manage your diabetes and live your best life.

Contact Your Doctor Today!

Don’t let your diabetes control you. Contact Dr. Dan Hoyumpa at Texan Family Clinic in San Antonio, TX, to learn how to manage your diabetes and have a high-quality life. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (210) 562-3125.

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